The notorious Instagram King Dan Bilzerian has been sharing photos of his fabulous holiday in South Africa.

Besides his growing popularity as a Poker Pro, Dan Bilzerian is also famous for his regular Instagram posts of him luging, hunting, playing with rifles and of course photos of many gorgeous girls around him.

This time the Instagram King’s followers had the opportunity to sneak a peek into the expensive and fabulous South Africa holiday.

Photos of his breakfast with a beach view were to be seen on Bilzerian’s Instagram profile on Wednesday in Pretoria.

The Instagram photos shared on Wednesday and Thursday definitely show Dan Bilzerian enjoying the sun and the luging on the beach somewhere in the South.

As it seems it looks like the Instagram celeb is taking a break from all of the severe critics towards him. After the Snapchat video posted on his profile, the Instagram King was severely criticized for his behavior during the Vegas shooting.

The Snapchat video reveals how the Instagram King asks a police officer for his gun to fight off the attacker and after being rejected he simply runs away from the scene.

After the video, the profile of Dan Bilzerian was filled with negative comments about his behavior, especially from the American veteran Dakota Meyer who served in Afganistan.

“This is the perfect example why people like him should be seen as role models” – said the veteran.

“(Bilzerian) this is what kills me about people like yourself. You always pretend to be tough when the cameras are on, but then? “

“When people are hurt, especially women you don’t simply run away from the scene. But you did. So now please stop pretending that you’re someone else.”

“A shooting scene is not the place to make videos, especially not when people are dying – that is so disgusting”


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